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Dec 13, 2011 8:00pm EST
. this is the first hearing since penn state jerry sandusky story broke. maryland senator barbara mull caskey chairs. >> the subcommittee on children and families will now come to order. today we have a very powerful and poignant hearing. we'll be addressing one of the most difficult issues one needs to raise in child welfare policy. that is how do we protect the children in our communities and in our country if they are victims of child abuse? particularly if they're the victims of child busey their within their own home or when they're in somewhere where the children have been placed in the care of a trusted adult. the focus on this hearing is to -- the topic will be "breaking the silence on child abuse." how we can protect children when they're being abused, how we can intervene and protect them and then what policy should we put in place to achieve deterrence of this vial and repugnant act against children. it's sad we have to have this hearing, but the reality is just in our society. it's -- this hearing will not we one of sensationalism and will not be sensationa. our hearings focus not only t
Dec 22, 2011 8:00pm EST
also taken on the challenge of investigating the jerry sandusky situation at penn state and what it says about the culture of penn state and why it wasn't spotted earlier and dealt with earlier. why in the world would you do that? >> a question my wife asks all the time. she hassle's of things she would prefer i do, and -- she has a list of things she would river do and that's not on it. i was already on the board of trustees. this is my al ma mutterer, school that, frankly, i grew up in philadelphia, i had four years of free education at penn state and it changed my life, and people looked around in the boardroom and said, there is anyone in this room who has had experience with this kind of wide-spread public situation before, and i didn't raise my hand. and then the second question was, is there anyone here who has handled vioxx? [laughter] >> and at that point i guess it was clear i had been outed, as they say. and so it's really hard to step away from an institution you have pledged your support for in its hour of need so i took that on. we were able to get the former fbi di
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2